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Regenerative Sourdough Bread Mix - SKAGIT 1109 & WHITE SONORA

Regenerative Sourdough Bread Mix - SKAGIT 1109 & WHITE SONORA

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This loaf combines wheats that originated in two regions: the Northwest and Southwest. We blend these beautiful wheats because White Sonora’s lighter, creamy wheat allows us to showcase the bolder flavors of Skagit 1109. Enjoy with butter or a soft buttery olive oil, with marmalade or jam, or to a make a delicious sandwich.

Regenerative Organic, Stone-Milled Whole Grain
• 45g Whole Grains
• 25% RDV Fiber
• Excellent Source of Manganese
• Excellent Source of Vitamin B12

Our milling process retains 95% – 97 % of the whole wheat grain — making our breads nutrient-dense with high fiber, Manganese, and B12.

Simply add water to the ingredients in the bag and you have a classic sourdough bread loaf.

Our bread mixes were developed with the legendary baker who co-created the original Cinnabon recipe.
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